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  1. Social Distancing Rules - Is your business ready

    Up until now, hairdressers, pubs, restaurants and other “close-contact” businesses have had to sit by and watch as other select businesses have slowly re-opened however I’m glad to see this is changing, and more of us are working towards getting back to work ‘safely’.

    Existing 2-metre social distancing measures have been eased to a new 1-metre-plus rule in a bid to support the re-opening of some “close-contact” businesses. The new guidance means that where possible, people should endeavor to remain at least 2-metres apart, however where it is not possible, people are advised to stick to the new 1-metre-plus ruling while taking every precaution possible to reduce transmission of the virus.

    This is great news for select close-contact businesses that have been given the go-ahead to re-open their doors to customers. Our clients must give serious consideration to how they are going to implement the new social distancing rules keeping both their staff and customers safe.

    Implementing the rules may vary depending on what industry you are in.

    Pubs and Restaurants

    The pressure is on for pubs and restaurants to re-open in a “COVID-secure” way. Health and hygiene posters and signage are strongly advised for clients in this sector communicating handwashing and ventilation instructions. To support with implementing the new 1-metre-plus social distancing rule, it is thought that table service apps are going to be prevalent in this industry, how to download / install the app and usage instructions will need printing to support clients that need to educate their customers on the new way of ordering their food and beverages. Products such as our gloss laminated table talkers, gloss laminated strut cards and desktop roller banners are going to be perfect for this.

    As for implementing and managing the social distancing measures, our vinyl floor stickers have been used to mark out places where customers can stand, queue and highlight key areas of businesses that have undergone layout changes as a result of implementing social distancing measures. We predict that “Please queue here” and “wait here to be seated” A-frames are also going to be a must-have product to help manage volumes of customers entering clients’ bars or restaurants.


    Much like pubs and restaurants, the hospitality sector will be under pressure to deliver service in a “COVID-secure” manor. Hotels, holiday homes, caravan parks and campsites will be in need of print that is going to govern social distancing measures to their customers.

    Areas for consideration are going to areas such as public showers, toilet facilities and any communal washing up facilities. Standard Health and Health and hygiene posters or signage is recommended for implementing these. Sneeze guards are recommended for protecting any customer-facing reception staff that may need to take payments and you might want to encourage clients to think about investing in card payment only gloss laminated strut cards too.

    Hairdressers and Barber Shops

    Clients in this industry are going to need a lot of help when it comes to supporting print products such as signage and COVID mitigating products such as face visors, sneeze guards and clear PET roller banners that act as a physical barrier between clients.

    When it comes to the new 1-metre-plus rule, this is going to be tough for an industry that relies on physical contact to implement. It is going to be compulsory for workers in this industry to wear a face visor at all times to protect them. Appointment only, card payment only and cleaning procedure posters are going to be required along with vinyl floor stickers to highlight areas where customers should stand both inside and outside clients shops alongside sneeze guards to protect receptionists when taking payments for services.

    Theatres, concerts, museums and galleries

    Although live performances and mass gatherings are not permitted as of yet, theatres, concerts, museums and galleries are set to re-open their doors implementing the social distancing rules.

    In order for your clients in these sectors to effectively implement social distancing measures, they are going to need a mix of print products. Vinyl floor stickers to mark out where their customers should stand in queues and when looking at points of interest, Health and hygiene posters or signage for bathroom facilities and finally sneeze guards for any public-facing roles such as receptionists and cafe staff.


    A top 5 list of products perfect to implement social distancing measures:

    Vinyl Floor Stickers

    Available in square or circle, our vinyl floor sticker range is perfect for clients that need to implement a branded 1-way system and mark out where people should stand or wait in queues. Our Vinyl Floor Stickers are removable, wipeable slip-resistant making them our top tool for implementing social distancing guidelines.


    Second on our list is our trusty A-frame product. Available in A2 and A1 sizes our A-frames are ideal for policing entry into a building enabling clients to state their max capacity to their customers before they enter their business. A-frames can also be used to outline any policies clients may need to communicate such as card payments only etc.


    We have a wide range of signage perfect for communicating your client’s key messaging around social distancing. From external PVC banners and bollard covers, clients display outside their business to our weatherproof correx signage ideal for implementing policies and used as directional signage we have a signage product perfect for your client.

    Internally, our sneeze guards that act as a physical barrier between cashier and customer have proven essential for the safe operation of businesses. Strut cards with a ”card payments only” message have also proven popular amongst businesses already open. Foam signage has also proven popular when doubled up with handwashing instructions and hung above washbasins.


    An essential product for businesses that have new policies to communicate such as max capacity, rules on social distancing and handling products. We have also launched a wipeable & water-resistant PVC stock option on select poster sizes ideal for displaying at hand washing basins.

    Window Stickers

    Last but not least is our vinyl window sticker range. Available in square and circular options in a range of sizes, this product is ideal for communicating short snappy rules and images at eye-level upon entry to businesses.

    If a movable and interchangeable option is required for you clients, you should get them to consider our window cling range that is also available in a square and circular option. Our window clings use static electricity to cling to surfaces and leave no marks when being peeled off of surfaces.


    Phew...That is a lot to wrap your head around but hopefully that all makes sense! At CatnMouse we are committed to helping our customers so if you have any questions, would like to talk about your print orders or request a quote get in touch today!